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"Thank you for your two great products, Viraway and Immune Builder. I was diagnosed with Herpes two years ago. I found out about your products about 8 months ago while surfing the Internet. Your products really work and have truly been a blessing for me since using them. I like the fact that they are made from natural herbs that really work with no side effects. I have placed a large order and will continue to be one of your customers. Thank you for giving me an outbreak free life. "

Barbara A. B. - Kansas City, Mo.        

"... I have had genital herpes for over 12 years and I have taken "Immune Builder " and " Viraway " for almost 5 years. In that time I have only only had 2 outbreaks. That was my fault for going to long and not taking Viraway and Immune Builder as often as I should have.

Doubling up on the Immune Builder and taking Viraway as soon as I felt symptoms kept the outbreaks to a minimum and were not that bad. They also cleared up in a couple of days. Thanks Institute for 2 great products and my wife thanks you also. This is as close to a cure as I have found."

James L. - Peoria, Illinois        

"... I not only had an outbreak of the genital herpes virus, I gave it to my girlfriend. She was so mad she broke up with me. That was almost 5 years ago. I ordered your Viraway and Immune Builder 2 years ago and haven't had an outbreak since. It worked so well that I ordered it for my ex-girlfriend. She is very grateful and talking to me again. Thank you."

Carl M. - Chicago, IL        

"... Most of my life I've had fever blisters. When I was in my mid 30's I contracted genital herpes. I tried all of the drugs from the pharmacy. They helped when I had an outbreak, but I would still have 3 to 4 outbreaks of the virus every year. I have taken Viraway and Immune Builder for almost 3 years and to date I have not had one out break. Thank you for a having such great product."

John L. - San Diego, CA         

"... I've had genital herpes for over 10 years. I have tried every remedy that I could get my hands on. Nothing would prevent the virus until I tried Viraway and Immune Builder. I have had only had one outbreak of herpes since I started taking Viraway and Immune Builder and that was because I forgot to take the products. I will not forget again.
Thank you, I tell all my friends."

Carolyn K. - SLC, UT         

"... I just wanted to let you know how great Viraway and Immune Builder are. I started taking Viraway and Immune Builder over 2 years ago and have not had one outbreak. Its nice to have sex and not have to worry about having outbreaks. Thank you."

Doug S. - San Francisco, CA         

"... I have tried all the products for genital herpes, including Zivarax. The Zivirax helped, but I still would have recurrences of the herpes and it was expensive. I thought I would never find anything that would keep herpes in remission. I have been taking Viraway and Immune Builder for more than a year and have been outbreak free."

Bob B. - Seattle, WA        

"... Your product has helped me so much I am placing an order for a friend. Since taking Viraway and Immune Builder, I have not had one outbreak of genital herpes or one feversore. Thanks."

Teri L. - Tuscon, AZ         

"... I had a terrible outbreak of genital herpes. I went to see my doctor. He put me on Zivirax. It helped, but I still had outbreaks. I sent for Viraway and Immune Builder and have been free of herpes ever since. It has been almost 2 years with out an outbreak."

Jenny R. - Los Angeles, CA       

Most people that take our products are without virus outbreaks, and have been known to experience a happy and worry free lovemaking life!

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